6 Suji Breakfast Recipes You Must Try

It is the oldest trick in the book, whenever you want that additional crisp to your puris and parathas, all you need is to add a bit of suji or semolina to the recipe and watch the magic unfold. Also known as rava in Southern part of India, suji is basically that versatile flour that inevitably comes to rescue each time you have to rustle up something quick and yummy. How many of you knew that it is also a healthy alternative to maida or refined flour? Turns out that consuming too much of maida may lead to weight gain, hinder blood sugar balance and also lead to heart problems. Semolina, on the other hand, is decently loaded with protein, fibre and essential vitamins and minerals that make it a favourite among dieters.

6 Suji Breakfast Recipes You Must Try

If you are struggling to find enough options for your breakfast, then fret no more. Here are some breakfast favourites you can make with a handful of suji.

Try These 6 Suji Recipes For Quick Breakfast:

1. Suji Dhokla
Light and spongy dhoklas are an instant mood-lifter. Since they are steamed they also help you cut back on the extra calories, hence prove to be a diet-friendly option. Suji dhoklas can be served with chutney and chillies or could be savoured on its own.


2. Suji Cheela
Your humble cheela made with the goodness of suji, besan, chilli and spices. This thin, desi pancake will be a hit among both kids and adults alike. You can pair it with chutney, pickle or any condiment of your choice.

3. Rawa Upma
This thick porridge-like dish is extremely popular in parts of Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka. This simple recipe just requires you to boil sooji and stir it until it gets the desired consistency, the chopped vegetables and desiccated coconut make the breakfast super wholesome.


4. Instant Rava Dosa
We can have this crepe-like dish day in and day out. The rice batter gives way for a suji-based one, and the results are all things crispy and scrumptious. Pair it with sambhar and chutney of your choice and you are good to go.

5. Masala Rava Idli
The ubiquitous snack of South India has found now found fans across the world. Which is perhaps why when a British man tried to insinuate idli is bland, Twitterati was enraged, including Mr. Shashi Tharoor. Idli is basically a puffy rice cake, in this recipe the rice batter is replaced by a suji one, and there are some veggies for that extra crunch.


Idli is a puffy rice cake, in this recipe suji batter is used

6. Suji Pakora
Pakoras for breakfast, why not? Let no one tell you that there is a designated time for these bite-sized nibbles. Pakoras are an excellent addition to a typical North Indian brunch, you can pair them with some toasted slices of bread or pav, douse them in chutney and chomp away.


The flavour of suji goes very well with earthiness of besan