5 Top F&B Trends That Are Going To Rule In 2021

The year 2020 was quite an eventful year and for generations, it will be summed up in one word: COVID-19. While all of us are tired of hearing about it and would love to leave it behind as soon as the ball drops, the pandemic will be the biggest propeller of trends for 2021, even in F&B space. Food is an indispensable part of our life. The crisis we are in will have a huge impact on people’s eating habits. We are hopeful that the situation will significantly improve in 2021, and we will witness some progressive F&B innovations to come about as a result of the pandemic – more sustainable and eco-friendly food disruptions for the most part.5 Top F&B Trends That Are Going To Rule In 2021

Here Are 5 Top F&B Trends That Are Going To Rule In 2021:

1. Where is my food coming from?

Let’s start with consumers. Diners are expected to become increasingly conscious of the food that they consume. It will become more important than ever to have answers to fundamental questions such as ‘Where is my food coming from? Is it safe? Has it been grown sustainably?’

As these questions linger on everyone’s mind; food producers have the added responsibility of being able to provide detailed information on the journey of each food item. This includes professions across all aspects of the food chain: farmers, food manufacturers & processors, and even chefs at restaurants. In other words, complete transparency in the food process is the only way forward.

2. Relishing Every Morsel

Regenerative food production and upcycling have garnered great awareness over the past couple of years. Culinary artists have brought together the concepts of sustainability and food art to create (almost) zero-waste food and beverage concoctions. This trend is expected to reach new heights in 2021. Use of whole vegetables, from root to stock, will be invaluable in minimizing ingredient wastage. As humans are becoming increasingly aware of our irreversible impact on the environment, organic farming is also expected to continue gaining great traction.

3. Do It Yourself (DIY)

A fun trend to have come out of the pandemic, which is expected to continue picking up momentum in 2021, is DIY kits. Whether it is, a DIY cocktail recipe or a meal kit, brands are carefully curating at-home kits of their signature offerings right to your doorstep. These DIY kits are also a fun way to add some excitement to house parties, as that seems to have become a preferred mode of socialization for most people


A fun trend to have come out of the pandemic is DIY kits

4. Go Green

Plant protein will gain momentum and demand, primarily due to the origins of Covid-19. What may have started as a trend due to the shortage of meat at the beginning of COVID-19, has resulted in many consumers noticing the personal and environmental benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. More consumers are beginning to realise the myriad of options that are now available in this category, as opposed to what was available just a decade ago. This is far from saying that the meat industry is diminishing, but there has been a growth in the relatively new concept defined as Flexitarians – those with a primarily vegetarian diet but who occasionally eat meat.

5. Drink It Like Its Hot

The showstoppers of 2021 will definitely be the hot beverage infusions at the end of the meal. There is great potential to innovate and curate exciting concoctions using immunity boosters such as turmeric, cinnamon and ginger. Gone are the times when restaurant go-ers look forward to a green tea to end their meal. Food aficionados will expect healthy yet exciting hot beverage concoctions to be paired with their desserts.


Food aficionados will expect healthy yet exciting hot beverage concoctions in the upcoming years

Bottom Line

2021 is going to be a landmark year for the F&B world, as every individual in the food chain, is expected to be more conscious of their role. Increased transparency, more hygienic food treatment and an overall outlook on long-term sustainability will be the need of the hour. Excitingly, it will also be a year of major food innovations as chefs are expected to not only up to their creativity but also their business acumen. Food delivery and cloud kitchen businesses will definitely boost e-commerce platforms.

All in all, 2021 will be a year of major transformations in the F&B world, as businesses and individuals take a more collaborative approach to creating memorable experiences.