How to shave your eyebrows like an expert at home

If you’re planning to do your eyebrows at home, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Eyebrow razor is one of the best beauty investments to make during the lockdown. They are easily available online and don’t even cost a comb. They can be a great alternative to threading, and threading can be easily done at home. Well, it may sound scary but it’s simple and painless. Follow our step-by-step guide and shave your eyebrows at home like an expert:
1. Start with trimming
Before you start shaving, you can use brow scissors to trim the length of brows. One easy way to do it is to brush up the brows and snip away the longer hair.

2. Tweeze thick hair in between
The area between the brows tends to have coarse hair. Start by tweezing coarse hair, as it can be tricky to shave this area.
3. Shave the top part of the brows
While shaving, make sure you don’t reshape your brows. Start by shaving the top part, lightly move the razor to get rid of the excess hair.

4. Shape the tail
If you have a small-blade eyebrow razor, then you can use it to shape the tail of the brow. Shave above and below the tail to give it a nice shape.

5. Clean the area under the brows
Start by tweezing coarse hair and then shave little fine hair. Try to maintain the original shape and use the razor carefully in this arch area, as you can easily shave off more than required.

6. Tweeze to shape
Once you have shaved the top and bottom part of the brow, check the shape. For any additional hair, you can simply pluck them.

Lastly, you can use the razor on the middle part to get rid of fine hair. However, be very careful and use the razor at an angle and not horizontally. Be slow while shaving to avoid wider gaps.