Battling acne is one helluva job. While the problem peaks in our teens due to fluctuating hormones, the dilemma can continue into adulthood. In fact, adults are increasingly experiencing acne in their 30s, 40s and even 50s. The issue is, however, that as an adult, some of the more astringent acne treatments might not be suitable for more mature skin. Sound all too familiar?

To find out exactly how to deal with this common conundrum in a more natural way, we chatted to Judy Cheung-Wood, founder, inventor and Managing Director of SkinB5, on taking a nutritional approach to treating acne.

What actually causes acne?

“All types of acne, including blackheads and whiteheads, no matter where they are on the body, are mainly caused by fluctuating hormones and overproduction of sebum (skin oil),” says Judy. “[They can] also be contributed to a weaker immune response, stress and your body’s ability to heal.”

What can acne breakouts be linked to?

While chocolate itself doesn’t cause an acne breakout, according to Judy a diet that includes dairy, wheat and sugar can aggravate acne. “However, acne breakouts are also associated to genetics, hormones, low levels of vitamins and minerals, poor lifestyle choices, alcohol consumption, pre-existing medical conditions, excessive exercise and medication,” she explains.

How can you treat acne from the inside, out?

“The most effective way to manage acne, naturally, is the use of certain nutrients such as vitamin B5 and zinc with the support of lifestyle and diet changes,” says Judy. “It is also important that acne sufferers adopt a gentle and simple skin care routine that doesn’t involve the use of irritating ingredients such as alcohol, benzoyl peroxide that can damage skin structures.”

How do supplements work to reduce acne and scarring?

This is where something like SkinB5 can come into play. “SkinB5’s acne treatment program is a complete inside-out approach to help target the root cause of acne,” explains Judy. “SkinB5’s patented potent supplement formulations feature a combination of vitamin B5, vitamin B3, zinc, copper, folic acid, biotin, silicon, vitamin A and vitex herb that act to control oil production, balance hormones, relieve stress, strengthen immune response and promote the healing and renewal of skin cells.”

There are two different types of SkinB5 supplements you can take. “The Extra Strength Tablets are the first step of the SkinB5 acne control program and are suitable for those with moderate to severe acne,” explains Judy. “Whereas the Caplets are suitable for mild, dry skin and hormonal acne and ongoing maintenance of clear skin.”

Should you change your diet approach, too?

When tackling acne, adding a skin-loving supplement to your daily routine can be extremely beneficial, as making changes to your diet and skin care routine alone often can’t stop acne. “But if acne sufferers, who are taking SkinB5 acne control supplements, also adopt a diet of fresh and low GI foods, they will see optimal results sooner,” explains Judy.

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