Orange For Weight Loss: 4 Drinks With Orange Juice That May Work Wonders For Your Diet

Orange For Weight Loss: 4 Drinks With Orange Juice That May Work Wonders For Your Diet

Orange juice is loaded with antioxidants and is low in calories and fat.

  • Orange juice can greatly help you in losing extra kilos.
  • Orange is a negative calorie and zero fat winter fruit.
  • Include these orange-based drinks in your weight loss diet.

A glass of fresh orange juice can lift you up in a jiffy. It is an instant energy booster and sends a wave of freshness down the body. The tangy, tarty winter fruit is a favourite among juice lovers, especially those seeking weight loss. Yes, orange juice can greatly help you in losing extra kilos. Nutritionists and health experts recommend eating the whole fruit rather than juicing and drinking it to get maximum weight loss benefits for its high fibre content. In fact, drinking orange juice works just as well. It’s the best thing to pair our morning meals with; it is delicious, refreshing and super healthy.

Orange Juice For Weight Loss

How orange juice can help with weight loss?

Orange is a negative calorie fruit with zero fat content! Meaning, when you consume it, you burn more calories than you ingest. Orange is known for its powerful antioxidant properties, given its high vitamin C content. So, it may help in building immunity of the body. Orange juice is also anti-inflammatory, which prevents swelling and bloating of stomach.

4 Orange-Based Drinks For Weight Loss Diet

If you are determined to avoid carbonated, sugary drinks and switch to healthy drinks for weight loss, orange juice is one of the best options.

1. Orange and Carrot Detox Drink

This one is a perfect winter drink with the seasonal fruit of orange and seasonal vegetable of carrot. Both the foods are known to flush out toxins from the body and aid weight loss. The addition of ginger and lemon is extra bonus.



Weight Loss Tips: Orange and carrot juice is a perfect way to add nutrition to your diet in winters.

2. Orange and Ginger Detox Drink

This drink moves up a notch higher with the addition of turmeric powder. The health-giving spice with its considerable antioxidant properties, adds a tinge of ‘yellow’ and also healthfulness to the incredibly detoxifying drink.

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3. Orange and Basil Juice

The tanginess of orange and freshness of basil comes together to make this electrifying drink – just the energy boosting drink you need to liven up your day. You can begin your day with this juice along with a wholesome, nutritious breakfast.

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orange and basil juice

Weight Loss Tips: Orange and basil juice is a delicious energy booster drink.

4. Pineapple, Orange and Bottle Gourd Juice

You may have aversion for bottle gourd, but when you’ll combine it with pineapple, orange, cucumber and basil leaves to make this drink, you will surely change your mind. You can have it in the morning or in the evening as your pre- or post-workout drink.

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5. Virgin Punch

Party right with this mocktail made with orange juice, apple and mango. You will definitely love the melange of sweet and tarty flavours filled up in your glass. Who said you can’t drink anything healthy in parties?