Cancer Treatment: Here’s How You Can Deal With Hair Loss And Other Side Effects Of Chemotherapy



  1. Chemotherapy can lead to neuropathy
  2. It can also lead to digestion issues like constipation and nausea
  3. Cancer treatment can make the patient experience breathing problems

The very diagnosis of cancer is a traumatic experience for the patient and family. And what’s worse is the side effects associated with cancer treatment and chemotherapy. Hair loss is one of the most common side effect of chemotherapy. Other side effects include a weak immune system and loss of appetite. Majority of cancer patients experience baldness after chemotherapy. However, a new research comes with a slight ray of hope for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Published in the Skin Therapy Letter, the study has found the mechanism behind chemo drugs and hair fall. While it is commonly believed that hair lost during chemo maybe grown back after treatment, it may not be true with everyone.

Cancer treatment: Hair loss and other side effects of chemotherapy

Drugs used as part of cancer treatment may be so strong that they may cause permanent hair loss in some cancer patients – whose body is not able to endure those drugs.

Researchers from University of Manchester’s Centre for Dermatology Research mention that taxane – a class of chemotherapy drug – works by stopping tumour cells from dividing. This drug is said to negatively affect hair follicles and stem cells – which leads to damage to hair follicles and lead to hair fall.

In order to see if any alteration in chemo drugs could help avoid the condition, researchers chose CDK4/6-a newer class of drugs for chemotherapy. Properties of these inhibitors were exploited and bathed with human scalp hair follicles. The follicles cultures notably in the laboratory, reports ANI.

Hair loss is the most common side effect of chemotherapy
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Following are other side effects of cancer treatment that you must take note of

Drugs used for cancer treatment do kill cancer cells, but they also end up killing some healthy cells surrounding them. This weakens the body’s immune system and makes you more prone to falling sick and catching diseases.