5 Downsides Of Drinking Tea On An Empty Stomach

5 Downsides Of Drinking Tea On An Empty Stomach

Drinking tea on an empty stomach may be the top cause of acidity



  1. Having tea on an empty stomach can inhibit absorption of nutrients
  2. It may cause acidity and constipation
  3. Tea contains traces of nicotine and can be addictive in nature

Do you love your morning tea? You are not alone! There are numerous people who start their day with tea on an empty stomach. However, drinking a caffeinated beverage such as tea first thing in the morning might not be the best thing to do. Now, if you are someone who just can’t do without a cup of tea every morning, and feels acidic all the time… well, you know who to blame! Apart from being one of the top causes of acidity, morning tea can result in washing out of bacteria right from your mouth to your gut. In the gut, it interferes with good bacteria, and might disrupt your metabolism and upset stomach.

Highlighting everything that is wrong with having morning tea is nutritionist Nmami Agarwal on Instagram. She gives the following reasons for not starting your day with tea.