Healthy Diet: 4 Soothing Savoury And Sweet Porridge Recipes To Try

Healthy Diet: 4 Soothing Savoury And Sweet Porridge Recipes To Try

Healthy Diet: 4 porridge recipes to help you sail through all seasons

  • Porridge is considered a boring and mushy meal
  • Porridges are underrated bowl meals, both delicious and nutritious
  • You can make porridge from a whole range of cereals

We have all known porridge as that boring, mushy breakfast dish that no one really looks forward to eating, but that is eaten widely, perhaps because it’s convenient. However, porridge is much more than just convenient- it is nutritious, fuss-free and quite soothing and delicious when prepared in the right manner. There are endless possibilities when it comes to preparing porridge. You can prepare it with a range of your favourite cereals and can garnish it with sweet or savoury toppings of your choice. Porridges can be made as healthy and nutritious as possible and then of course, there is the convenience of just loading it up in a bowl and eating it in bed or a comfy sofa. Porridges are underrated bowl meals and we’re about to prove to you why.

Here are four porridge recipes that are comfort-personified:

1. Oats And Chicken Porridge Recipe

Whether you eat it for breakfast or lunch, this savoury porridge makes for a filling and nutritious meal. It’s high in food quality protein and complex carbohydrates. The lean protein from chicken and the plant-based protein from the oats makes for a great combination served together in a nutritious bowl meal.

2. Banana And Almond Porridge Recipe

This is a porridge recipe closer in resemblance and taste to the traditional sweet milk-based porridge that we’re used to. It doesn’t contain any refined sugar however, and uses the natural sweetness of fruits namely banana and dates to lend nutrition and taste to the meal. Added to the mix are cinnamon and saffron for a warming touch.

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k68r2k6Healthy Diet: Banana and almond porridge (representational image)

3. Foxtail Millet Porridge Recipe

Millets are incredibly nutritious and especially good for those who have high blood sugar. This foxtail millet or kangni porridge is a recipe for health. It contains cashews, bananas, figs, lotus seeds or makhana and amaranth seeds or rajgira. This meal is rich in a rainbow of vitamins and minerals and is cooked in milk for a creamy texture.

4. Bulgar Wheat And Lentils Porridge (Khichdi) Recipe

Daliya or bulgar wheat is a light cereal that can be mixed with dal or lentils to prepare this soothing porridge that is light on the stomach. This meal is ideal for when you’re feeling under the weather or simply want a break from rich and heavy meals.