Considerations When Choosing Ballistic Shields

When law enforcement agencies purchase shields, they have a lot to consider. For instance, they need to think about policy, training and cost. Of course, these aren’t the only factors that weigh into the decision. When spending money on gear, you have to be careful that you receive the gear that will best help your agency. In order to do this, you should look at a few different factors.


When selecting a bulletproof shield for sale, you have to look at multiple different factors. First, think about balance. You don’t want top heavy, complicated shields. Some shield handles may decrease carry fatigue while others will increase it. It’s important for you to think carefully about the handle that you choose. Some handles may also extend the shield and reduce angled cover.


Next, size is important. The shield is an enhancement on other forms of body armor. While it protects you, you should also take into account that you need the body armor minimum on top of that. On average, most shields are about 20 inches wide and 34 inches high. You need to be able to move forward in an emergency. Shields help you engage a threat.


You also want to look at the weight of the shield. After all, if a shield is too heavy, you’re going to severely restrict your mobility. When it comes to threat protection, speed and efficiency, you want to think about speed. Some shields may be as little as a few pounds, whereas others are 60 pounds and over. Keep in mind that most police forces use basic shields for maximum effectiveness.

When it comes to your ballistic shield, you should feel safe behind it. The best way to choose the right shield is to make sure that you pay attention to your specific needs. Also, you have to consider the specs on the shields themselves.