Crafting Cakes

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Crafting Cakes Making specialty cakes can be a boost to your bakery business. These are cakes that customers often order for special events, such as weddings, baby showers, or birthdays. When you make specialty cakes, there are a few touches that you can add to make them look as professional as possible so that your customers are happy. Bakeries that sell specialty cakes in Schaumburg IL often use a variety of colors and techniques, such as marbling. These effects will often make people want to order more cakes as well as other treats from your business because they will want to see the work that you can create. Build height to your cakes by baking three layers that are the same size instead of trying to be extravagant and baking several layers that could topple over. Sometimes, customers might want taller cakes. When this happens, you should have a way to provide the support in the center of the cake so that it doesn’t fall. When your cakes come out of the oven, level them off. This will make it easier to stack and frost them. Consider getting cake boards that you put cakes on while you’re decorating. These make transferring your creations to a display or to a box a little easier than trying to lift a small plate or pan that you’re using as the base. As you begin frosting your cake, put a small amount in the center before spreading it to the edges. Don’t stack your cakes until you put frosting on the bottom layer and then the middle layer. This will give each bite of cake an even amount of frosting and cake. Freeze your cake after you get it frosted so that it’s easier to complete the rest of the design. A crumb coat is a popular choice for cakes. However, fondant is easy to work with and can give you the special look that customers desire because of the numerous ways that it can be used.