How to Strengthen Your Bones with Hormones Replacement Therapy

Osteoporosis can affect your quality of life. It can become hard to carry out normal activities. This condition makes it easy for your bones to fracture. Women with menopause can develop osteoporosis because of their decreased estrogen levels. If you want to reduce your symptoms from this condition, then you should schedule a HRT consultation.

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Decrease the Risk of Fractures

Menopause cause a woman’s estrogen levels to drop. It results in a decrease in your bone density. You also may have less bone strength later in life. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is often prescribe to prevent osteoporosis and to reduce fractures.

Learn More About HRT

Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment that mimics sex hormones like oestrogen. The body naturally produces this sex hormone. Oestrogen has many functions, which includes keeping your bones strong. This treatment also can contain progestogen. Progestogen is the synthetic version of progesterone. The production of these sex hormones is created at lower levels after menopause. Many doctors use different HRT products that contain different amounts of progestogen and oestrogen. It is best to treat women who had a hysterectomy with oestrogen only HRT.

Research the Different Forms

If you are considering this treatment, then you should talk to your doctor. HRT products are available in gels, patches and tablet forms. They also come in pessaries, creams and rings that can be inserted into your vagina. However, HRT creams, pessaries and rings are used for specific symptoms like vaginal dryness.

HRT can come in three common forms. These forms include oestrogen only HRT, continuous combined therapy and sequential combined therapy. Oestrogen only HRT is given when you have a womb removed and does not contain progestogen.

Continuous combined therapy is a combination of progestogen and oestrogen. It is given when a woman is one year past menopause to decrease the risk of irregular bleeding. On the other hand, sequential combined therapy is when the two sex hormones are taken at different times doing the month. You will take oestrogen continuously, but progestogen only 12 times per month.

Taking HRT increases your oestrogen levels. It will eventually help you overcome the symptoms associated with menopause.