Why Community Clinics Are Important

The truth of the matter is that in this country not everyone has access to equal levels of healthcare. While there is a debate about the right way to fix this, at present the best course of action is to serve as many people as possible in the best manner possible. Community clinics go a long way to filling the gap by giving access to primary and preventive care services to those who wouldn’t have it otherwise. Their value is seen in a number of ways.

Basic Visits, Dental, And Mental Care

The services that community clinics provide typically start with the basics. This means visiting doctors for routine checkups, basic dental care, and assistance with mental illness. These services are vital because they are preventive in nature.

Immunizations And Health Screenings

Community clinics also provide members of the community with health screenings and immunizations. Immunizations provide protection from unwanted ailments that wouldn’t possible for those without means who have to use the emergency room as their healthcare provider. Health screenings serve two purposes. It gives those in good health peace of mind and also provides a method of identifying health issues early.

Lab Work

Laboratory work and radiology are key aspects of a complete healthcare regime. Luckily many community clinics have onsite resources in this regard or laboratory outreach solutions. These services are vital for the completion of tests which result in the ability of physicians to accurately diagnose, treat, monitor the condition of affected patients. Some things that laboratory testing can reveal are diabetes, HIV, and lupus.

The ongoing struggle to provide healthcare to everyone who requires it is neverending. Every tool that can be used to provide better outcomes should be. Community clinics provide invaluable benefits and should be supported in any way they can. They are not a perfect fix, but they do save the lives of a great many people. If you are a person who has limited healthcare resources, then you should definitely consider visiting your local community clinic.