Reasons to Keep Your Cat Up to Date on Vaccinations

When you adopt a cat, it becomes a part of your family. Your cat provides you with plenty of snuggles, fun antics to observe and the relaxing sound of its purring. All your cat asks for in return is food, water, shelter and some attention. In order to help your cat stay as healthy as possible, it is important to keep up with routine veterinary care such as checkups and vaccinations. Just like vaccines prevent serious diseases in people, they can also protect your cat against contagious diseases that case serious illness, disability or an early death.

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Prevent Illnesses

Feline vaccines are designed to prevent illnesses. If your cat goes outside, it is at an especially high risk of picking up contagious diseases from other cats. It can also get diseases from other animals. There are five viruses that can cause serious harm to cats. These include viruses that cause feline distemper, leukemia, rhinotracheitis, calici and rabies. Even if your cat does not go outside, it could still be exposed to these viruses. For example, if you visit a friend’s house or pet a stray cat, you could bring home a feline virus that sickens your cat. If your household includes a dog, your dog could transmit viruses that cause disease in cats.

Extend Your Cat’s Lifespan

Diseases such as distemper and leukemia could shorten your cat’s lifespan. A healthy indoor cat has an average lifespan of 13 to 15 years. If your cat is not vaccinated, its life could be several years shorter. Allowing your cat to go outdoors could shorten your pet’s lifespan by one-half to one-third that of an indoor cat that is fully vaccinated. When you have made the emotional and financial investment in your pet, making sure that your cat has a long and high-quality life is important.

Lower the Costs of Pet Ownership

If your cat catches a contagious disease, you will end up paying a lot of vet bills. The costs of laboratory testing, imaging studies, overnight stays at the animal hospital and veterinary specialty care add up quickly. The price of a vaccine is much less than the cost of treating a preventable disease in your cat. You can save even more money by buying your cat’s medication and vaccines online. For example, VPD sells cat vaccinations online, and those products will protect your cat against many transmissible diseases.

Protect Your Family’s Health

Viruses that make your cat sick could also make you or other members of your household sick. One of the most deadly viruses that can infect cats and people is rabies. Thankfully, vaccines mean that rabies is rare in the United States. However, all pets must be vaccinated in order to keep contagious diseases such as rabies rare. If vaccination rates decrease, rabies could make a comeback. If your cat goes outside, it is at risk of rabies exposure. Raccoons, skunks, bats and other wildlife may spread rabies. Your cat could get into a fight with one of those animals or a stray cat that has been infected with rabies. If your cat has not been vaccinated, it could contract the disease. Rabies spreads through bites, and a bite from an infected cat could infect a person. There are one-year and three-year vaccinations that protect your cat against rabies and other infectious diseases that sicken cats and people.

Vaccinations are important to your cat’s health. Each vaccination that is recommended for your cat has already been tested and shown to provide many more benefits than risks. In addition to protecting your cat from getting infectious diseases, vaccinations also reduce the prevalence of disease in all cats. Vaccinations are a simple and cost-effective way to promote optimal health in your beloved pet.