Is It Time to Consider Dentures?

Making the decision to get dentures is not an easy one for everyone. Although it can seem like the last option available, it’s actually the best alternative for specific conditions. Below are a few things to consider in determining if dentures are the right move for you.

Frequent Tooth Infections or Pain

Chronic infection of the gums and teeth can begin taking a toll on your total health. The pain and discomfort of teeth that are prone to infections due to receding gumlines or decaying teeth can make life miserable at times. It might be time to start discussing getting dentures with your dentist if there is no way to salvage the teeth you have.

Numerous Missing Permanent Teeth

Having several natural teeth missing is another reason to begin considering a complete set of dentures. Areas of teeth exposed by gaps of missing ones can advance tooth decay to the point that the rest of your teeth are in jeopardy. It almost seems to have a domino effect and can lead to instances of serious gum disease.

Difficulty Chewing and Talking

Large gaps in natural teeth can make it more difficult to chew food properly. It can also make it more difficult to speak clearly. Once you have dentures made and fit properly, they begin to feel like natural teeth. You won’t have to worry about food getting stuck in awkward places.

Self-Conscious About Smiling

Missing or decaying permanent teeth can make smiling difficult. You become self-conscious of the flaws and it can make it difficult to feel good about yourself. You can have dentures Chicago residents love due to their natural look and feel. No one will know you have dentures unless you tell.

Regaining a brilliant smile is possible with a great fitting pair of dentures. Find out what your options are through a denture specialist today.

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