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Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death in countless women. Most people know at least one person in their immediate family or extended family who has dealt with breast cancer. It is such a debilitating disease. While so many scientists and doctors are making strides toward finding a cure, it’s still important to remain proactive with your breast health. Early detection is key. It’s a lot easier to get rid of the cancer cells when it’s caught early. Knowing this, consider these three tips you should adopt in the fight against breast cancer.

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1. Self-Examinations
Many clinics hand out self-examination diagrams that show you how to do your own breast check in the shower. If you talk to many breast cancer survivors, they’ll tell you that self-checks played an instrumental role in their ability to learn if they needed help or not. No one knows your body as you do. If something feels abnormal, you’ll be able to feel it.

2. Mammograms
Mammograms are so important because they’ll be able to detect and see what you can’t. If there is something a doctor needs to see in a different fashion, they might send you to get queens imaging to make sure there aren’t missed cues. Even though these processes aren’t the most comfortable or fun, they’re necessary. If breast cancer runs in your family and you are below the age of 40, you can receive regular mammograms. Make sure that you advocate for yourself and take care of any potential abnormalities.

3. Healthy Lifestyle
No, you can’t eat your way to breast cancer. Oftentimes, women get diagnosed and they fear that their diet caused them to get breast cancer. In many cases, breast cancer is genetic. In that case, early detection is the only way to eliminate the problem. However, taking care of your body will never hurt. It’s always good to monitor the amount of sugar and fat you consume. Eat lots of healthy fruits and vegetables. Keep your stress levels low. Exercise on a consistent basis. Get lots of rest. When you’re able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’ll increase your quality of life and health.

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