10 healthy and tasty recipes for diabetics

1. Best diabetic-friendly recipes

Best diabetic-friendly recipes

If you think that a healthy diabetic diet is tasteless, you are in for a surprise! Even foods low on sugars, carbs and fats can be healthy. If you know the technique of making delicious food, you can do so, even if you have limited ingredients at your disposal. Here is a list of healthy diabetic recipes that are easy to make and are not just delicious but will also keep your blood sugar in control.

2. Stuffed Zucchini

Stuffed Zucchini Recipe: Yes, we agree this recipe has two cheese cubes, but you can always replace them with hung curd seasoned with pepper. Loaded with helathy veggies, it is a must try recipe for all diabetics.

3. Tofu Rice Mix

Tofu Rice Mix Recipe: This healthy bowl is made delicious by adding rice, mushroom, tofu, onion, spinach and a melange of spices.

4. Tamatar ka Dolma

Tamatar ka Dolma Recipe: Cheese-filled tomatoes are combined with hung curd, potato and a melange of spices to create a simple and tasty dish.

5. Smokey Indian Spice Box Salmon

Smokey Indian Spice Box Salmon Recipe: It is an absolute heaven for all fish lovers. Pair it with loads of green vegigies and salads and you are sorted!

6. Oats Kheer

Oats Kheer Recipe: This recipe gets ready in just 20 minutes with simple ingredients and can be enjoyed by anyone with diabetes.

7. Mushroom Pepper Soup

Mushroom Pepper Soup Recipe: Loaded with essential minerals, vitamins and fibre, this soup is not just satiating but amazingly delicious! Replace one meal with this soup and some salads.

8. Green Dosa

Green Dosa Recipe: With just 110 calories and 17 grams of carbs, the recipe fits right into your healthy diabetes diet and it is so yummy!

9. Chicken Avocado Salad

Chicken Avocado Salad Recipe: Rich in fibre and protein and bursting with flavours, this salad is what you should start your day with.

10. Apple Basundi

Apple Basundi Recipe: This dessert is completely guilt-free as it is made with grated apple, pistachios, low fat milk, green cardamom and lime juice.

11. Healthy Apple and Raisin Pancake

Healthy Apple and Raisin Pancake Recipe: Nutrient-dense apples and raisins combine in this diabetes-friendly recipe to create a breakfast that is both filling and nutritious.