Top Food Mistakes: When Health Food Turns Fatty

You’re dedicating your diet to a healthy life. Toss out the cookies, and bring in the kale chips. You want a leaner figure and healthier body as you go through adulthood. Leading a healthy lifestyle is commendable, but you need to be aware of the food mistakes that plague some meals. Take a look at the top mistakes that might be lurking in your foods. What looks healthy may not be so.

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Creamy Salad Dressings

Eating your vegetables seems like a simple choice when it comes to healthy living, but many people stumble in this area. You pick out a mountain of vegetables, but then they’re drizzled with creamy dressing.

Within this dressing is fatty oils and additives. In many ways, you remove a lot of the “health” from the dish by adding the dressing. Avoid this scenario by choosing your dressing with other ingredients. Try oil and vinegar instead of creamy ranch, for instance. You’ll lower the calorie amounts while retaining the healthy aspect of the foods.

Those Additional Toppings

You’ve ordered a chicken breast for dinner. It’s grilled and minimally processed. This food is practically perfect as a healthy meal. However, the meat is covered in cheese, bacon or other topping.

Adding fatty toppings to any healthy meal can create an unhealthy situation. The topping may be only a few teaspoons in volume, but the fat content is considerable. Avoid most toppings that are considered decadent. Think about fruit- or vegetable-based toppings as alternatives. Keeping the toppings as raw as possible can give your taste buds a treat without harming the health value within the meal.

The Breading Factor

Remind yourself that any food covered in breading won’t have all of the health benefits that you’re looking for. Most breaded food is subsequently fried so you gain a decadent taste with some unhealthy fats.

Opt for grilled food rather than breaded items. Grilled foods use their own juices for flavor instead of oils. Your healthy lifestyle benefits from this simple choice.

Carbohydrate Cravings

Unless a carbohydrate is a whole-grain type, try to cut these items from your daily meals. Eating bread, cornbread, pasta and other grains will only fill you up with short-term energy. You’ll crave more carbs very soon with low, nutritional value in most foods.

Try brown rice, whole-grain bread and similar items to improve your nutritional intake. These carbs offer more for your body than refined products.

Hidden Fats

There are hidden fats in your diet right now. Adding butter to your toast in the morning creates a fatty snack with little nutrient value. Margarine on your corn and peanut butter on a celery stick are other examples of healthy items teeming with fatty ingredients.

Try to omit these hidden fats that are often overlooked. If you must add them, consider a half serving. You’ll gain the taste without too many calories.

Cooking Woes

Frying up some pasta in lard or using bacon grease to cook your pork steak sounds good, but both of these cooking styles are creating fatty entrees. Try cooking with healthy oils, such as flaxseed, coconut or almond. The healthy oils add fats that are full of essential nutrients. You won’t sacrifice flavor either.

Combine your healthy cooking with supplements for your leaner figure. Diet pills from ThinCo can help you ward off cravings while burning fat. When you add healthy cooking to your pill use, you’ll see a vigorous mind and body as the result of your efforts.

Try to cut back on eating out. You may be persistent about the ingredients entering your meals, but you’re largely out of control in these situations. Cooking at home gives you the power to add or omit certain ingredients. It’s time to take control of your meals with smarter eating than before. The differences will show in your appearance and demeanor in no time.