Seeing The Pain Behind Suboxone

Although Suboxone is a drug that is often used to treat people who are addicted to opiates, it can be addicting in itself. When people begin using the drug, they tend to need more of it in order for the desire of the opiates to subside. This is the time that the person is addicted to the drug and often needs professional help that is offered by a rehab facility to overcome the addiction. There are a few signs of Suboxone abuse that you can look for if you suspect that someone you know is addicted.

You will often see physical as well as mental impacts that the drug causes. However, these impacts sometimes take time to appear, especially in people who only use a mild dosage of the drug or those who have been using other drugs in the past and have built a tolerance. Suboxone is often used by people who have been addicted to heroin or prescription pain relievers. It is a drug that can help to soften the withdrawal symptoms that occur when the person stops using the opiate. The effects of the drug often reach a point where they are maximized, making it one that shouldn’t be as addictive as opiates or other drugs that are available.

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People who rely on Suboxone can get it in a pill or a type of film. Most people who use the drug have to go to a medical clinic in order to get the treatment offered so that they can be monitored for the dosage received. This also means that the person won’t be able to stockpile the drug to sell or use for later in large quantities. However, there are locations where Suboxone isn’t regulated in this manner, making it easier to have larger quantities of the drug on hand. The person would either sell it to make money to get other drugs or use it in larger amounts than is recommended to get a stronger impact on the body.

When people purchase Suboxone and become addicted to it, they have used it for long periods of time as a way to use heroin and other opiates for a longer time. Once the withdrawal symptoms are handled by using the Suboxone, then the person will continue using other drugs at the same time. For most people, there is no real satisfaction gained from using Suboxone except to quell the symptoms associated with not using opiates any longer. On the other hand, some people experience a feeling of being high after using the drug.

There are several Suboxone side effects that you should pay attention to that include slurred speech, nausea, and blurred vision. Many people will have difficulty being able to make cohesive thoughts. It will be hard for them to talk or find ways to communicate with people they are talking to, especially right after using the drug. Drowsiness is also an impact that is delivered by the drug. Some people will tend to sleep for long periods of time while others will only feel sluggish and want to sleep but aren’t able to because the body won’t allow for sleeping. Some people have a pounding heartbeat. If there are large amounts of the drug taken at one time or if the person has taken Suboxone for a long period of time, then there could be severe impacts on the heart. Sometimes, the person could experience cardiac arrest. The heart can stop, resulting in the death of the person using the drug. One of the side effects that isn’t often seen from using other drugs is severe itching. The itching often occurs on the arms or on the face. Some people will scratch the skin so much that they leave red marks or even break the skin. This results in scars that are left behind, which can be an indication that the person has been taking a drug that is not safe.

If you know someone who exhibits these symptoms, then it’s important to seek assistance for that person as soon as possible. A rehab center can offer the support and the medical detox that is safe for the person if that is what’s needed to stop using the drug. Counselors are available at rehab centers to talk to the person using the drug to help discover healthier ways to deal with situations in life that have resulted in drug use.