6 Signs That You Might Have Sensitive Skin

6 Signs That You Might Have Sensitive Skin

While the rest of your friends have enviable clear complexions, you’ve got the erratic skin of a teenager. Even when you’re well into your 20s. The smallest change triggers your skin and you just don’t know why. Have you ever felt like this? Then you might have sensitive skin. Even though many may have it, it often goes undiagnosed. These 6 signs can help pin-point it so keep your eyes peeled for them.

1. You Go Red

Almost anything can cause your skin to become red. This can be in the form of red bumps, rashes or broken blood vessels. The redness subsides when the irritant is removed from your skin.

2. Fragrance Won’t Do

Makeup with scent causes a number of problems for your skin. Regardless if it’s the smell of vanilla or citrus, is heavily scented or light, fragranced products immediately trigger a reaction from your skin.

3. Weather Plays A Part

When the weather changes, your skin reacts to it drastically. This could be with redness, inflammation or pimples. This may also happen if you visit a new place with different weather or use water that’s harder or softer than your own.

4. Outbreaks Occur

Your skin breaks out for the smallest of reasons. This could be due to a different diet or new skin product. The result is usually a few new red pimples that leave you wondering where they came from overnight.

5. It Itches

Sometimes even when no visible symptoms show up on your skin, it begins itching. This may even be exacerbated by different temperatures like a change in the weather or a hot shower.

6. Sun Doesn’t Spare You

While many may get away with skipping sunscreen now and then, that isn’t the case for you. Direct sunlight leaves your skin raw, red and burned faster than most others.

If you notice any of these signs on your skin, you possibly have sensitive skin. So consult a dermatologist for an expert opinion and course of action.