3 Surprising Things That Might Be Ageing Your Skin

3 Surprising Things That Might Be Ageing Your Skin

YOLO might be your philosophy, but for the sake of your skin, you’ve got to restrict yourself from doing things that’ll speed up its ageing process

When you’re in your teens and 20s, it’s hard to imagine ever having wrinkles, fine lines or ageing spots on your skin. Unfortunately, it is the actions that we take in that care-free period as young adults that determine what our skin might look like later in life. YOLO might be your philosophy, but for the sake of your skin, you’ve got to put a halt or restrict yourself from doing certain things that’ll speed up your skin’s ageing process. Here are a few of your current bad habits that could be secretly ageing you – watch out.

1. You drink too much, too often

Yes, every weekend does count as too often. A glass of wine here and there is not your enemy, but guzzling down a few pints of beer or downing those shots at a bar every Friday night most certainly are. Not only is drinking excessive alcohol bad overall for your body, but drinking in copious amounts is also damaging to your skin. Alcohol dehydrates your system, and therefore your skin. When your skin is dehydrated it will begin to appear patchy, dry, and dull. Alcohol can also cause your skin to look blotchy and red, and cause puffiness all over your body.

2. Your pillowcase

Think about it, unless you’re someone who sleeps in one position all night, you’re likely to move around and in the process, your face will be constantly rubbing against your pillowcase. When your pillowcase is made from materials that are not gentle and soft on the skin, it causes damage. In order to avoid too much damage as a result of all the rubbing, opt for a soft and smooth satin pillowcase that’ll allow your skin to just slide and keep it from scrunching up too much as you move around.

3. You spend too much time outdoors

This may be considered a good habit in a clean, pollution-free city – but if you live in a place where the pollution levels are high, just walking around outside can wreak havoc on your skin. Plus if you live in a tropical country like India, you’re likely to encounter the sun each time you step out during the day. You’ve probably heard this enough, but sun exposure can cause problems for your skin.

If you’re someone who can’t help but spend time outside, make sure to use a good amount of SPF before stepping out. Also make sure to cleanse your skin thoroughly before going to bed.