Making Veins Go Away

If there are unsightly spider veins on your legs, then consider seeing a specialist who can remove them with little to no side effects. A vein specialist Mobile AL office can discuss the steps with you about the procedure before setting an appointment. Most of the time, the procedure can be done in an outpatient facility or in the doctor’s office if the equipment is available. For most removals, you will be sedated to some degree to provide comfort while the doctor injects the solution into the vein.

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When you are comfortable, the doctor will inject a sclerosing solution into the vein that is to be treated. This solution will begin to make the vein collapse. It might take a few days or a few weeks for the vein to completely collapse and go away. More than one injection is required if you have multiple veins that you want to treat. The doctor will likely use a bright light that is shone on the area to better see the vein that is treated. A device that magnifies the area is often used as well. These tools will allow the doctor to ensure that the solution is injected properly into the vein instead of the area around the vein.

The doctor will likely put a dressing on the area before you go home. It’s best to have someone take you home, especially if you are sedated instead of only injected with a local anesthetic. Prop your legs up when you go home for added comfort. It’s normal to have some bruising and swelling after the procedure. However, if you notice any kind of severe pain or bruising that spreads, then you should contact your doctor for an examination. Laser treatment is an option as well if you don’t feel comfortable with injections.