4 Monsoon Beauty Problems That Every Girl Experiences At Some Point

4 Monsoon Beauty Problems That Every Girl Experiences At Some Point

It’s easy to romanticize the monsoon in a balcony with a cup of tea when you don’t have to experience it first-hand. When you do, it includes a barrage of worries like staying dry and muck-free. And let’s not forget the¬†beauty problems. The moment monsoon arrives in full swing, beauty and makeup lovers scuttle for shelter. If you’re one of the tribe, you know what it’s like. You’ll also understand these 4 beauty problems that occur during the season all too well.

1. Angsty Skin

Monsoon weather can fluctuate between sticky spells and sudden downpours and our skin is often unable to decide where it stands. The result? Its appearance changes quicker than the mood of a teenager and more often than not, goes between being irritated and acne-prone.

2. Lifeless Hair

Now this is definitely one of the season’s most troublesome problems. Hair that has no bounce or life is just one of the side-effects of the climate and is often hidden away in braids and buns. It’s also when we say with conviction, in dry shampoo we trust.

3. Makeup That Doesn’t Hold Up

So you walk outside confident that your full face of makeup will hold up against the weather. Then a sudden shower arrives, and you’re left looking like a leaky mess. Don’t you just hate when makeup doesn’t live up to its claims? It’s a signal to read the fine print that says waterproof, not just resistant.

4. Perpetual Grease

Come monsoon season and a wave of humidity is sure to follow. Trouble is, greasy skin is one of the worries it brings along with it. Oily skin is one of the monsoon’s most-combated beauty problems which brings out the blotting sheets and setting powder from our stash.