Weight loss hacks, stick to your diet plan and avoid overeating by using these 5 cheats

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Your diet and weight loss goals won’t succeed if you keep overeating or eating unhealthy foods. After all, if your calorie input is higher than the amount of calories you burn at the gym, it is unrealistic to expect your body to be fit and fab. But there are certain tricks that you can master to help you in such a situation. After all, if you manage to convince yourself that you are satiated, you won’t be reaching out for that extra bread roll or chip.

Here are 5 hacks to help you:

Use a smaller plate

The bigger the plate, the more you may want to eat. Instead, use a compact plate or bowl that can make you think you have eaten a standard portion while you eat less.

Eat slowly

Japanese researchers at Osaka University found that eating food in a hurry can double the risk of being overweight. When you eat too fast, your brain may not register that you’re full. Slowing down helps you eat mindfully and keeps you aware of how much you are eating. It also boosts digestion.

Use a dark plate

Research shows that people eat less if there is a higher contrast in colours between the plate and food. So, eating pasta from a black or navy blue plate could help you eat less and feel full faster.

Avoid low-fat and sugar-free foods

Seeing a low-fat label can make you overeat. Highly processed foods may also have labels like low-fat or low-cholesterol and are bad for health. Sugar-free products contain artificial sweeteners that trigger insulin release causing a blood sugar drop. That makes your body feel hungrier for food to balance the blood sugar levels.

Drink water before eating

Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger. So, to prevent excess eating from thirst, it’s best to drink a glass of water half an hour before eating.