5 Skincare Tips To Care For Your Body In Monsoon

5 Skincare Tips To Care For Your Body In Monsoon

During the monsoon, don’t believe that it’s just your face and hair that need attention. Your body is asking for it too. With high moisture and sticky heat, the rainy season can do a number on one’s skin and without the right care, can leave it grimy, dry and prone to bacteria. Today, we’re telling you how you can prevent that with 5 skincare tips. Regardless of your skin type, these tips are made especially for the monsoon season to keep your body clean, smooth and healthy.

1. Scrub Away

Sure you exfoliate your face but what about your body? Don’t forget to. Humidity can make skin greasy, even more so if your skin type is oily. Over time, it accumulates and forms a grimy layer over the body. Get rid of it by scrubbing your body once or twice a week. With dirt and oil gone, your skin will feel so much smoother and silkier.

2. Slather On

Monsoon can be a deceitful season and make one’s skin feel anything from oily to dry. A common mistake one makes during this season is not applying lotion because of the moisture laden weather. Even then your skin needs moisturisation to stay healthy and free from flaking and itchiness. Don’t forget to slather up!

3. Wear Sunscreen

Don’t be flummoxed. Sunscreen is essential even on gloomy monsoon days, and that’s coming straight from a skin expert. Rainy days aren’t any excuse to skip sunscreen so don’t step outside without it.

4. Go Dry 

Whether you step out to splash around or get caught in a sudden shower, it’s easy to get wet during the season. What you shouldn’t do is stay that way. As soon as you can, dry up with a clean towel or hit the shower for a more thorough cleanse. Moisture acts like a breeding ground for bacteria for don’t leave your feet, your hands or head wet for too long.

5. Wrap Up

One precaution you cannot skip in the rains is stepping out with an open wound. Infections are all around so it’s best not to expose yourself to it. If you cannot avoid going outside, treat your wound with an anti-bacterial solution and wrap with bandage.