How to look younger and youthful, 20 natural anti-aging tips for healthy skin

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There’s nothing wrong with ageing. In fact, you should embrace and enjoy every step of the journey. Still the most common beauty search for many women is for the fountain of youth. Even if you’re not looking to get Botox or resort to other extreme measures, chances are you are still trying to age as slowly as possible. In your 30s or 40s? To get that killer, wrinkle-less skin, you’ve probably tested every wrinkle-fighting cream.

But if you’re still not satisfied, you have other options. And they’re completely natural.There are easy, affordable (and needle-free) ways to keep skin looking youthful and attractive.

“The 30s are a decisive decade. It’s finally time to get serious about skin care and to establish a dedicated routine,” Dr Amitabh Kumar, skin specialist, Max Hospital, Delhi says.

Skin specialist with AMRI Hospital, Prasanjit Bhattacharya too believes that “it’s possible to keep a youthful look for a very long time.”

Read on to find out how:

1. Always clean your skin in the morning.

2. Choose gentle cleansers; don’t pick a product that strips the skin.

3. Make sure to use SPF in the morning, whether it’s a lightweight or heavy-duty formulation.

4. Apply SPF before make-up. Follow this order: Cleanser, sunblock, moisturizer.

5. Stay hydrated; water is necessary for good skin, but drinking it in excess doesn’t have major effects.

6. Go oil-free with your products and cleansers if you’re acne-prone.

7. Moisturise as much as your skin needs depending on dryness.

8. Be careful with scrubs; they can cause micro-tears in the skin.

9. Always take off your make-up at night. Make-up remover pads are your friend.

10. Coconut oil is a great, natural moisturiser for the body.

11. If you have pigmentation, use prescription remedies for only a limited amount of time.

12. To combat acne, over-the-counter products work — but moisturise to compensate for the dryness they cause.

13. For blackheads or cysts, turn to a low-percentage alpha-hydroxy treatment.

14. If you have significant problems with acne, see a professional.

15. Find your preferred anti-aging cream; it’s time to use it.

16. At night, add moisturiser.

17. You don’t need Botox until you see wrinkles on your face at rest. And then you still don’t need it.

18. Facials can be particularly effective to treat anti-aging if they include light fraxel laser treatment, a targeted process that works under the skin to reduce wrinkles and promote collagen.

19. Pay attention to what you eat. Vitamin-packed foods are good for your skin.

20. Don’t stress — every age is beautiful.