Satisfying The Stomach Of College Students

Most college students enjoy getting food from family members when they receive a care package. You can make food gift baskets or order them online for those you know who are in college and might need a cheerful touch to their day. There are also a few fun ideas to consider when making these baskets, such as creating a box with images related to the season. An example would be one for winter that includes hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and other items that can keep the student warm and a picture of a snowman on top of the box.

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A tall cup with protein snacks and protein drinks is an idea as well. You could make a basket that includes items that the student can use for a movie night with a few friends. Include a box of popcorn, a box of tea, a few boxes of candy, and a few movies that the student enjoys. Make the mornings bright for someone who is in college with a basket that includes packages muffins, hot chocolate mixes, donuts, and small packages of cereal.

If the student enjoys sweet treats, then find a basket that is large enough to hold an assortment of candies. Another idea would be to make a box that has pictures of donuts and candies, filling the box with the same items. If you don’t have a basket, then find a large jar to put candy bars and other items in that the student can enjoy while studying or watching television in the dorm room. When students get sick, they often want the comforts of home. Make a care package that includes soups that can be heated in the microwave, cough drops, medications, and other comfort foods and beverages that don’t require a stove or oven so that they can be prepared in a short time.

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