Three Things to Know Before Buying a Vaporizer

Using a vaporizer is one of the hottest trends sweeping the world today. No matter where you live, you probably have a few shops in your city that sell electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. These small devices allow you to smoke in places that do not allow smoking and to sample different flavors. Before you invest in your first vaporizer though, you should know a few things.


Battery Life


One thing that you should know is that the battery life on these devices are all different. While some will last for 24 hours or longer, others will need charging after just six hours. The battery life often depends on how often you use the device too. If you vape more often, you’ll need to charge it more often. Most come with a standard charger that plugs into any outlet, but you’ll also find some with a USB or micro-USB charger too. Those chargers let you recharge your battery with any USB charger.



You also want to think about the overall size of the device. Vaporizers are larger than electronic cigarettes are. That is because vaporizers have a larger power supply that fits in the palm of your hand. Electronic cigarettes are smaller in size and designed to look more like a traditional cigarette that you can hold between your fingers. These devices do weigh a little more than a regular cigarette does and may feel a little awkward in your hand until you gain more experience using one.


Flavor Options


Using a vaporizer lets you experiment with different flavors and to mix and match your favorites. Some of the top vapor flavors for sale actually contain a small amount of nicotine, and you can choose the specific amount or level of nicotine that you want. Other popular flavors are a little sweeter and mimic the taste of fresh fruits like strawberries and pineapples or desserts like chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake. Before you start vaping and buy your first vaporizer, make sure you know the flavors available, the size you need and the battery life of those devices.

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