Great Gift Ideas for Recent Nursing School Graduates

Graduating from nursing school is a really big deal. For family and friends, it could be hard to find the perfect gift for the nurse’s graduation. A future nurse may not realize the hardships that he or she will face in such a demanding, yet highly respected and dignified, career. While the following gifts are rather plain and practical, they will certainly become beloved tokens of mercy.

Quality Crafted Coffee Gift Sets

Coffee is an excellent gift for a recently graduated nurse who is about to get his or her feet wet in the new nursing profession. While college can certainly prepare students with sleepless nights and demanding assignments, the nursing career can be far more demanding. Boutique coffee companies offering special and unique roasted coffee blends tend to have gorgeous gift sets available with samplers or full sized bags of their coffees. That coffee might be the only thing that keeps the new nurse on his or her feet during the most demanding of shifts!

Emergency Scrubs

Nurses are commonly on call, especially during certain seasons when staffing is short; like flu season. Getting called in involves a lengthy period of going home to get ready for the sudden shift if the nurse isn’t home. In other cases, there might be an incident with a patient that causes the nurse’s scrubs to become very dirty. During these situations, an emergency set of scrubs is extremely handy. Tall scrubs pants, a scrub shirt, an undershirt, and a pair of socks make an excellent gift that will save the nurse’s day at some point.

Top of the Line Shoes

With shifts sometimes exceeding 12 to 16 hours in length, nurses will endure lots of foot and back pain. Top of the line nursing shoes will comfort the feet while supporting a good posture, helping to prevent back pain. A great addition to this gift is a pair of quality insoles. If a nurse is in quite a bit of pain, it can be harder for him or her to tend to patients in need.

Experienced nurses know all too well that the best way to make their days easier is by preparing for anything and everything. Long hours, demanding patients, cancelled off days, and consistent surprise events tend to be expected by these wonderful medical staff members. When nurses are taken care of, they can take exceptional care of their patients.

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