The Many Reasons Churches Need Insurance

People tend to incorrectly think of churches as perfect institutions where everyone is upright and honest. And this is the way that churches SHOULD be. They take an enormous amount of money from their congregations and are expected to use that money how they say they will. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out this way. In 2014 alone, individuals within the church stole more than $39 billion worth of money from their own members. It’s shocking and it’s wrong.

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And this is the sad reason that churches desperately need insurance just like any other institution that handles a lot of money. Just because the church’s overall mission is noble doesn’t mean that the people carrying out that mission are going to behave in a noble manner in a room full of money. And financial fraud isn’t the only thing that insurance can help to protect against. Churches also face property damage and burglaries just like any other institutions in the world.

For this reason, church insurance Florida services have come to meet the need of well-meaning churches that often get in over their head financially and in the missions that they carry out. In fact, missions don’t get as much money as frauds do. Church insurance can help to compensate for this fact and help churches who have been the victim of fraud from some of their members. And they need to protect the members who do give to the church faithfully and expect their money to be used for good causes, not for fraudulent purposes.

Acts of nature can also come up against churches over the years. Floods, fires and vandalism are three of the other common causes of damages to churches that they need to use insurance proceeds for. If a church is flooded, everything in it can be completely damaged and the church may not have the money to pick up the tab and rebuild the church. That’s where church insurance comes to the rescue and gives the church the funding it needs to rebuild itself and become of use to society again.

As more churches turn to insurance for these and many other reasons, they are safer and more able to proceed worry free in a world that is often against them. Any church that isn’t insured yet needs to seriously consider purchasing their church insurance as quickly as they can.