8 Innovative Samosa Fillings to Make Snack Time a Lip-Smacking Affair

A traditionalsamosa is perhaps the most popular Indian appetiser or street food

. Talking about samosas, the first thing that we visualise is fried, golden pyramids stuffed with spicy potatoes and green peas along with peanuts and raisins put in for good measure. Samosa is said to have originated in the Middle East (where it is known as sambosa), and was introduced to the Indian subcontinent by traders from central Asia. Today, they have become the most favourite and generic snack among Indians.

We Indians love to give international food an Indian taste; that is why hamburgers with Aloo Tikki and Chinese noodles cooked with Indian spices are so popular. Our own Indian creations are not spared either, as we like to play around with the spices, fillings, shapes and what not. After all fusion food is all about bringing together the best of two cuisines to create a dish that is in the true sense a new world cuisine.

8 Innovative Samosa Fillings to Make Snack Time a Lip-Smacking Affair

International creations mixed with Indian flavours are something that will always have takers, especially among the youth and people who are game to trying something new. The new fusion samosas with interesting fillings are evidence to this fact. Samosas have always been the most moreish of Indian snacks and for all you samosa fanatics and fusion lovers, these new and quirky fillings will be a treat to your soul.


Innovative Samosa Fillings


1. Italian Fillings:


Pasta Samosa – Be it red sauce or white sauce, just fill your favourite penne or spaghetti pasta in samosa and enjoy this cheesy and quirky combination. Do remember to get the pasta really dry.


Pizza Samosa – Add some corns, olives, jalapenos and beans in Alfredo sauce, tip in mozzarella cheese and encase it in a samosa wrap. It’s that simple.


Cheese Samosa – Cheese is surely loved by everyone and mixing it with fresh rosemary and coriander will make a yummy filling for samosa, tempting any cheese lover to fall for it.


2. Chinese Fillings:


Chowmein Samosa -. The filling can be any kind of chowmein – the hakka noodles or vermicelli. The concept might seem bizarre but it won’t matter when you bite into it.


3. Non Vegetarian Fillings:


Keema Samosa – Prepared with minced meat and cooked with spices, samosas will be even more flavoursome now. Whether it’s chicken or mutton keema, you can play around with the flavours as per your liking.


Fish Samosa – Boiled fish mashed with spices and stuffed in samosa may sound a weird way to have fish but it will surely be loved in all coastal regions.


4. Sweet Fillings:


Khoya Samosa: Adding khoya or dried whole milk along with nuts to give it a crunchy texture and dipping it in sugar syrup and then filling it into the samosa will definitely be cherished by all who have a sweet tooth.


Pastry Samosa: However impractical it may sound, but it is still very convenient to make. Chocolate pastry stuffed in samosas will surely be an unusal combination


Places in Delhi to Find Fusion Samosas


Samosa Street


Located in the food hub of NSP, this place offers crazy flavours in 34+ varieties of samosas, ranging from Pizza to Red Pasta, Chow Mein, Maggi, Mushroom Pepper Fry, Chilli Chaap, Kurkure Achaari Aloo, Kidney Beans and what not. The Sam Chocolate and Sam Temptation filled with chocolate and dry fruits is an unique concept as well. Along with providing a wide range they make sure to not compromise on the quality.


Contact +91 9999599042
Cost: INR 100 for two (approx)
Where: Shop Number g-83, Main market, Netaji Subhash Place Complex-Pitampura, Delhi


Kumar Samosa Wala


Situated in New Moti Nagar is this small yet popular shop that has been serving over 22 different varieties of samosas from over 18 years. The variety here is pretty overwhelming. The menu offers samosas like Malai Chaap, Moong Dal, White Sauce Pasta, Chowmein and Spicy Chaap among others. Paneer Tikka Samosa is one of their speciality and a must try.


Contact: +91 9811340381
Cost : INR 100 for two people (approx.)
Opening hours : 11 AM to 8 PM
Where : 2/31, Near Milan Cinema, Karampura, New Delhi


Aman Namkeen Bhandar


This small, forever crowded shop serves over 20 types of samosas besides the typical mashed potato fillings. Along with pizza, pasta and chowmein fillings in samosas, this shop offers variations like Paan Samosa with notes of gulkand, cloves and cardamom. Blackcurrent Samosa and Chilli Potato Samosa are also distinct.


Cost : INR 100 for two (approx)
Where : F-4/10, Mandir Marg, Block F, Krishna Nagar, New Delhi
Opening hours: After 3 PM


So the next time you crave for samosas, head over to these triangular fusion wonders instead of a regular Aloo Samosa and give a savoury treat to your taste buds as your teeth sink into the sensational flavours.