HGH for Weight Loss Results – How Does It Work

Majority of the weight loss supplements which are in market today are promoted as magic pills. Some even market as if the user no needs to do anything to lose weight other than taking the pill. They say these pills work without changing the diet, exercise levels and behavioral modifications. Let’s look at one among them that is HGH for weight loss.

Growth hormone is produced by pituitary gland naturally. It is responsible for tissue growth and bone growth. Pituitary gland has two globes called front and rear and it is located in the brain. This is a tine gland but it is the reason behind numerous functions in the body.

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Weight loss and HGH:

Growth hormone plays a major role in stimulating cellular rejuvenation. It also influences metabolic functions. Along with these it plays a major role in fat mass, muscle mass, and body composition. Growth hormone burns fat. This is the reason, growth hormone supplements have become very popular among athletes as well as people who are into weight loss and weight management.

To get the best results, one must combine the HGH intake with healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits and increased exercise, and dietary intake.

Changes in the lifestyle and eating habits are very important for long term weight management.

Even though manufacturers claim many things about the product, there cannot be a weight loss pill which can work all by itself without diet and exercise. Many users have reported that when used alone there were weight loss but not much significant.

There are studies which have been proved that growth hormone aids in weight loss through decreasing fat development. Through inhibiting lipoprotein lipase, it can reduce the fat development. Studies have also proved reduced triglyceride level as well. This happens when it increases lipolysis and lipase activity.


Side effects:

Some users may experience negative effects after using HGH supplements. But the side effects that may be caused depend on many factors like health status, sensitivity towards ingredients present, diet, and age. It is very important to follow the dosage instructions to avoid the side effects.

If the person is diagnosed with cancer or suspect it then he must avoid HGH supplements. If someone is in diabetic condition or suffering from diabetic related conditions then also they must not use HGH. These conditions can be issues related to metabolism or endocrine and diabetic retinopathy.

There are very few side effects that are caused by HGH supplements when used for weight loss. But it totally depends on the individual and his health condition. Before starting the HGH dose, it is very important to consult the doctor. One more thing is user should always start with the smallest dose possible. Once the body gets adjusted to the HGH then they can increase the dose.

One more thing that user should remember is HGH supplements cannot work all by itself when it comes to weight loss. There must be a planned exercise and balanced diet to see the expected result from the supplement.