D-Aspartic made by Performance Edge – Dosage and Functionality

There are numerous compounds that are being produced by the body. The quantity of production diminishes as the human being ages. One such compound is testosterone that is required by male human body for enjoying sexual relations or for production of muscle mass – among other things. Testosterone can be increased with the introduction of amino acid called D-Aspartic Acid or D-AA. Research shows that introduction of this amino acid helps in synthesis of the hormone called testosterone. This D-AA is obtained from different foods but not in enough quantity to enhance the hormonal level. The supplements for such amino acids are therefore becoming important for people with low level of testosterone hormone.


Function of D-AA

The neuroendocrinal functions and growth of muscular cells are the main benefits from this compound. The D-AA works as neurotransmitter from within pituitary and pineal glans. It is also found within the testicles and forms testosterone. More of this hormone can be significant to more muscle mass for any person. These muscles are lean muscles and so the compounds made by Performance Edgeare harmless for the body and gives it more energy. You may take this supplement for 12 days and may find an increase in the level of the testosterone within your body.


Dosage of the amino acid

There was research done on animals that showed the effectiveness of this D-aspartic acid. When tested on humans – it showed a relevant increase in the level of the hormone. The quantity of 3.12g of this amino acid for a period of 12 days showed that the testosterone level got increased by about 40%. There are manufacturers of this D-aspartic acid as supplements and they find that you should use it for a time period of 4 weeks at the minimum to 12 weeks at the most. There should be a resting period of 4 weeks after this – before you can start taking it again. The dosage recommended is 3.12 gms for a day.

Effects of the dosage

There are effects of this dosage for human and you may also find some side effects. You can get some acne as a result of the increased hormonal quantity. Some also gets a slight headache or even diarrhea due to increased hormonal function. If you increase the dosage of the compound – you can also get these side effects. These will remain for a few days and then your body will adjust with the new balance. The most impressive effects are better ability to enjoy libido and greater strength of lean muscles on your body.

Motivation for you

You will sleep better and lose fat too. People also experiences positive swings of mood and increased energy for your everyday work. You will be able to cure any dysfunction of the penis and become more aggressive in your work outs. Your heightened motivation will bring positive results in your life with the help of the D-AA amino acid made by Performance Edge and help you to lead a better life. You must check the dosage and make sure you follow the directions to get effective results.