Silicone Breast Forms – The Most Popular Shapes for Today’s Woman

Silicone Breast Forms have been the breast prosthesis of choice for decades, especially when compared to those that are made of other materials. The main reason for this is the fact that the silicone forms look and feel almost like regular breasts. They can come in regular silicone material or in a lightweight form. Both of these types are molded to fit the tissue perfectly. They can also be made with nipple protrusions to enhance the feel of having real breasts. Silicone forms are available in various shapes. Each shape is made to emulate the drop of normal breasts.

Triangle Silicone Breast Forms

Triangle forms were one of the very first of their kind to enter the market. They are molded after the natural look of breasts in brassieres. This form shape is most popular among women who are considered “mature.” If what you are looking for is a form that will look the way your natural breasts used to look before surgery, then it is best to use Triangle Silicone Breast Forms. They are also reputed to have the best fit.


Asymmetrical Forms

The Asymmetrical forms are named as such because the form is molded to fit either the left or the right breast. Unlike the Triangle or the other form shapes that are just central pieces, the asymmetrical breast form comes with flaps on the sides that help it adhere to the tissue on the sides of either breast. This type of form is great for women who have undergone a more extensive tissue evacuation on both sides, meaning that the tissues of the sides of the breasts have also been removed. This design is also helpful in imitating the natural flow of tissue on the sides of the breasts making them more life-like. These silicone forms can be used in pocketed bras or with self adhering straps.


Oval Shaped Silicone Breast Forms

The Oval Shaped form will give you youthful, perky breasts that sit high upon your chest. This type of form will do wonders for your figure. By using the oval shaped form, you’ll change the way your body looks even if there was no differentiation between your breasts, waist and stomach before. The oval shaped form will sit higher on your chest giving you just the shapely form that you’ve been dreaming of.


Tear Drop Shaped Forms

The tear drop shape is one of the most popular form shapes available today. Even women who undergo breast augmentation surgery request this shape. Now it is available as a shape preference for silicone breast forms. Tear drop shaped breasts and forms give a look that says, “I am not so young anymore, but I am not that old either.” Tear Drop shaped forms looks great under fitted tees and shirts, too.