Best burgers from around the world

Burgers are one of those food items that are loved all around the world for their simplicity. People all around the world love to experiment with the burger and come up with their own variants of the dish. Meat is an essential part of the burger in many parts of the world and getting the right meat patty for your burger is important so that you are able to enjoy it better.

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Jamaican Chicken burger:

The West Indies is one place where music and good food go together hand in hand and what better place to be with a burger than a beachside in the Caribbean? The Jamaican chicken burger consists of a lot of vegetables that are sliced and placed into the burger. The patty consists of juicy chicken meat and is topped with generous layers of sauce and spices to make it a true spectacle. The burger is extremely spicy and is excellent for any party.

Hawaiian Fish burgers:

If the Caribbean is an excellent place to have burgers, then Hawaii comes a close second. However, the difference in the burgers over here are that they consist of salmon and are barbequed to perfection. Along with the patty, there are generous toppings of avocado, jalapeno as well as coconut-caramelized pineapple that will give one the perfect Hawaiian feel right in the comfort of their homes.

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Chicken Parmesan Burger:

The Italian burger is one of the classic examples of a throwback burger as it is simple in its construction and recipe. The burger consists of very simple ingredients that are put together to make one delicious dish. It consists of one parmesan based burger that is doubled with some melted cheese as well as onions and other vegetables. The best part is the sauce, which is an Italian speciality and the burger too comes with some excellent sauce options that one can dig into.

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