4 Quick Reasons Why You Need to Ditch that Shower Curtain and Adopt Glass Doors Instead

If there is one thing whose importance is recognized by people all over the world, when it comes to home interiors, it certainly is the bathroom! It is not just the placewhere you spend your most intimate and personal time, but also, is an absolute essential in a house. Heading to a cold shower or a hot water bubble bath are some of the most magnificent ways in which we often try to de-stress our mind and body. Now, it only seems logical to have a bathroom which is not just esthetically appealing to the eyes and senses, but also, clutter free and easily manageable. Talking about manageability, shower curtains are simply too cumbersome to handle. Be it the way they just don’t let you keep your bathroom floor dry or the fact that they just get stuck in your face every now and then, there are quite a few reasons as to why you should ditch those shower curtains and move to glass shower doors.

  1. Dirt Accumulators

No matter how much you clean the shower curtains, they just are able to find ways to get dirty and give rise to mold formation. The continuous presence of moisture leads to formation of harmful fungi and bacteria, which can gravely affect the hygiene of your bathroom. The only way to take care of this is washing the curtains rigorously and frequently. However, if you have a glass door, you can just wipe it with cleaners and have a squeaky clean bathroom!

  1. Chemical Releasers

The problems of health and hygiene go beyond mold accumulation with shower curtains. The shower curtains usually contain the chemical called Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC which is extremely dangerous to human health and environment. New curtains tend to emit carcinogens in the environment, causing the air to become toxic. These toxins can lead to headaches, nausea, respiratory problems, kidney diseases and many more. The glass doors are usually free of such toxin-releasing products.

  1. Water Spillers

There exists no curtain which can keep the water from spilling to other parts of the bathroom. As a result, you are always left with a shallow lake on your bathroom floor, which is extremely bad for your floor’s life. The constant exposure to water usually ruins the flooring, causing immense damage to your cabin of comfort. However, most of the glass doors are made as such that they provide water tight compartmentsand surfaces.

  1. Path Blockers

There are numerous times when you either want to get out of the shower or get into the shower or maybe are just taking a shower, and you find yourself wound by layers of curtain around you. They are not just extremely annoying but hold the capacity to ruin your precious minutes of self-love. Now, you are certainly not going to face that if you have a glass door! Plus they look so chic!

Now, all said and done, we believe you should chuck that ancient shower curtain and move with the times to more chic and comfort providing accessories for your bathroom. We, at Vinpow, provide high quality solutions to all your problems related to bathroom fittings, accessories and more. You may contact us through our website and we assure you, we would bring a whole world of ease and glam to your bathrooms.