Winter Yoga Fashion Tips for 2016

With outside temperatures dropping, it’s time to put your open back tops and yoga capris in the closet and opt for some warmer wear. When selecting yoga outfits this winter, I recommend darker colors and tight fits. Slate, charcoal, dried herb, desert sage, stormy weather, and marsala are thehot colors of the season.

When shopping for winter yoga pants, look for slim fit leggings and drop-crotch sweats. But keep your eyes open, because word has it that classic flare yoga pants are making a comeback this year. As for tops, keep it simple. Colors and patterns are becoming more popular with bottoms, and tops are starting to feature neutral colors and basic cuts.

While I wouldn’t recommend it for daily wear, leg warmers and yoga socks have become extremely popular in the studio. The studio is the place to get especially playful with colors and patterns. Fun, patterned leg warmers are the perfect way to make a statement with your yoga outfit this winter.

Still not sure what to wear? Here are some specific winter outfit tips and yoga products we love:

Street to Studio

Finding a good top that you can wear in and out of the studio is crucial. You want something that you can move in, but it also needs to be able to keep you warm when you go outside.
Recommended: Cowl Neck Yoga Top by Kaya Yoga Wear.

Stay Classic

This time of year darker hues are in style, so leave the patterned pink yoga capris for summer and opt for some long, warm gray pants that will go with just about anything.
Recommended: Moana Pants by Inner Waves Organics.

Wrap Yourself in Warmth

A warm wrap is a winter necessity. A wrap with thick, warm fabric will keep you protected as you move in and out of the studio.
Recommended: Vintage Wash Watercolor Cardigan by Green Apple Active.

Protect your Feet

How often do we walk into yoga class, take our shoes and socks off, and immediately feel our toes turn to ice? These knit yoga socks will keep your feet warm and give you all the freedom necessary to practice.
Recommended: Yoga Socks by Tickle Bebe and My Girl Cave.

Stay Warm in Capris

Yoga capris have become increasingly popular, but they aren’t very helpful when it comes to winter. A nice pair of leg warmers will keep you warm until you get to the studio, so you can still wear your favorite cropped pants.
Recommended: Knit Leg Warmers by Jaffic.

A Cozier Option

Slip out of those tight spandex shorts and pull on some warm, comfortable pants that are so soft you could sleep in them. A lightweight long sleeve shirt is the perfect thing to pair with these pants as it will keep you warm outside but let you breathe in the studio.
Recommended: Cozy Yoga Pack by Anjali.

Bring Some Heat to the Studio

When the skies go gray, it’s time to bring your own sunshine to the studio. Yoga clothing with a splash of color and fun is the perfect addition to a cold winter day.
Recommended: Artemis Yoga Leggings and Wierdmaste Yoga Tank by Shining Shakti.

Stay Warm and Playful

With the proper yoga pants you can remain stylish and bring play to your practice without compromising warmth. Look for heavier fabrics and make sure to opt for a winter-y color that is in style this season.