The Roundup! Thanksgiving and Gratitude

With Thanksgiving approaching, gratitude tends to be passed around the table. While gratitude goes hand-in-hand with yogic principles, there are always more ways we can apply it into our daily lives. This link roundup includes articles on gratitude tips, ways mindfulness is successfully being integrated into the business world, how to celebrate the holidays yogi-style and more.

50 Questions to Help You Foster Gratitude and Feel Good About Life  – Are you asking yourself the right questions to cultivate gratitude? Here are 50 questions to get you on the right track.

Can Mindful Employees Make Happier Customers?  – This is the first study linking a mindfulness program within businesses to client satisfaction. Companies from Adobe to Ford to Target to Google are now offering mindfulness programs to their employees.

What a Grateful Brain Looks Like  – A new study shows that gratefulness lights up different parts of the brain and offers insights into how the social emotion of gratitude relates to other cognitive processes.

My First Friendsgiving  – Wanderlust and YOGANONYMOUS created a series about alternative ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. This part of the series talks about how to celebrate the holidays yogi-style.

Forget Instagram! How “Awesome” is your yoga teacher?  –  Lately there’s been some controversy about social media and yoga, particularly Instagram. This article explores what’s really important in a yoga teacher: whether or not the teacher helped you learn something about your mind, body or spirit that helped raise your level of self-awareness.

100 Brave Yogis Pose On 600 Foot High Glass Bridge In China  –  Not too long ago, yogis dressed in all white for Lolë’s White Tour. While this isn’t another Lolë event, all the women posing on the glass bridge in China were dressed in the same outfit. If anything, it makes for a good picture.

Stop Negatively Gendering My Yoga Practice  – Yoga for men. Yoga for women. The writer expresses her view on how gender stereotypes affect yoga.