The Roundup! Technology and Yoga Farts

These days technology and yoga are becoming closer friends. In this link roundup we’ve scooped the latest like what Google has up its sleeves for yogis and clothes that om out loud.

Here is our recommended reading list for the weekend:

New Google Search Cards Will Teach You How to Do Yoga – Instead of taking a yoga class in the studio or searching an authoritative yoga website (like this one) you will soon be able to learn yoga poses through Google. These search cards will describe how to do poses and include photographs and information about which muscle groups are targeted.

Smart workout pants could replace the need for a yoga instructor – Wearable Experiments launched a pair of yoga pants (they’ll be available for pre-sale in May) with electronic sensors that track your body’s movements and vibrate when your form is incorrect. The pants will even “om” when yogis correct their posture.

How meditation helped this guy ditch dating apps — and get more dates – A yoga instructor and meditation coach in Philadelphia was tired of meeting people online so he deleted all of his dating apps and applied his meditation techniques to his love life. “Meditation taught me that I was ready to meet someone in real life rather than defaulting to the social norm of meeting someone online,” he says in the article. A dating tip he’s gained from meditation: Maintain stronger eye contact.

Highlights from the 2016 Yoga in America Study – Yoga Journal and Yoga Alliance conducted a national study to understand the practice of yoga in America and to determine how Americans view yoga. This study is from the perspectives of yoga practitioners, teachers, studio owners, and the non-practicing U.S. public.

‘Olympic-type’ Competition In The Works For International Yoga Day 2016 – In 2015 Yoga Day became an official global event. For this year’s Yoga Day (June 21) the Indian Yoga Minister Shripad Yesso Naik announced that he’s thinking about having an Olympic-type of yoga competition for two days before Yoga Day. While yoga competitions aren’t new, this will be the first one sponsered by the Indian government.

My Yoga Farts Smell Like Lotus Flowers – We have to leave you off with some light-heartedness for the benefit of your aura and spirit-self. Sometimes, during certain moon phases, yogis use pretty funny spiritual jargon. The author of this article talks about the value in being authentic and how we must find ways to delicately communicate about yoga and the yogic lifestyle to people who aren’t self-proclaimed yogis.