Skin Care Tips and Skin Care Treatments

Skin Care


“Customisation” is the key to skin care success, no two client’s skin care needs are the same. So to truly give the results you are looking for, effective consultation and customisation is the key.

At Advanced Beauty and Body Care ongoing training for our Sydney Skin Care Therapists is a priority. We have an in-house Trainer and all our therapists attend post graduate courses regularly to keep up to date with the latest skin care trends and skin care products. We work closely and are associated with our medical expert and naturopath backed by the extensive knowledge and research of the product companies we have carefully selected to work with.

Our Sydney Skin Care Therapists are trained to identify various skin conditions and to prescribe customised in-salon programs followed by home care products to achieve your specific skincare goals. We invite you to come in to our Sydney day spa for a complimentary skin analysis and look forward to taking care of you.


The products used in these facials are customised to the individual need of your skin. These facials are a great way to introduce your skin to our Sydney skin care product ranges.

Maintenance Facial – 20 min / $50.00.
On the go? This facial will revive your skin while introducing you to a basic skin care regime.

Refreshing Facial – 60 min / $99.00.
This refreshing facial will invigorate and refresh your skin, a pampering massage will leave you rejuvenated and relaxed for that perfect pick-me-up.

Energy facial – 60 min / $120.00.
This unique facial will re-energise your skin, providing vital nutrients and hydration skin care for a healthier looking complexion.

Post Sun Healing Facial – 60 min / $130.00
This facial will aid in combatting the harmful effect your skin will experience after being exposed to the sun. The sun has many negative effects on your skin – dehydration, discoularation, redness these are just some of the conditions your skin suffers post sun. We have customised this facial to countereact these effects by utilising the healing and anti-oxidant properties of Aloe Vera, Calendula and Vitamin C. After this facial your skin will be replenished with moisture, your skin tone will be brighter and it will feel smoother and look calm.

Collagen facial – 60min / $160.00
Collagen is a natural occurring protein that is found in the skin’s dermal layer and is responsible for maintaining the skin’s structure and strength. Regular collagen facials assist in retarding the ageing process by replenishing the skin’s natural proteins through external application keeping your skin looking radiant and attractive.


From $ 25.00
Results can be intensified by adding enhancers with high concentration of vitamins, minerals, AHA’s, anti-oxidant, pure hyaluronic acid, collagen and oxygen to any facials. These are prescribed by our Sydney skin care therapist and customised for your specific skin care goals.

Benefits of enhancers

  • Increased hydration and skin plumpness
  • Increased smoothness and elasticity
  • Increased suppleness, softness and resiliency
  • Increased turnover of new cells and enhanced luminosity
  • Visible diminishment in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

TEEN CARE ( 13 -boys and girls)

Good skin care habits are developed early, as the teenage years arrive bringing with them changes in the skin, which are due to hormonal changes. Sebaceous activity increases, resulting in oilier skin, dilation of pores, break-outs, blackheads, post inflammatory pigmentation, infections and scarring. Lack of knowledge on how to take care of the skin leads to improper skin hygiene. The introduction of incorrect coverage and harsh pimple creams only contribute to exacerbating the problem. Skin hygiene begins at home with the right skin care, followed by regular visits to the salon for deeper cleansing.

Our Sydney skin care therapists will guide you through these changes and take you on the journey to develop good habits and healthy skin.

Teen Pack – $75
Includes home skin care products pack and a deep facial cleanse.

Subsequent Salon Treatment – $40


Our facial skin care treatments prove that effective results can be achieved without sacrificing the pampering and personalisation of a true luxury spa experience. These therapeutic facials also include a neck, shoulder, and arm massage as part of the entire stress-reduction process.

Sensitive to Rosacea Facial treatment – 60 min $155.00
This specialised facial soothes and combats very fragile, reddened skin due to irritation caused by sensitivity and Rosacea skin conditions. Redness and irritation are soothed with specialised skin care ingredients that gently cleanse, cool and calm skin while maintaining hydration. The treatment will visibly reduce redness and inflammation without aggravating the condition. The skin will experience a renewed moisture balance that is sure to last, leaving a glowing complexion.

Acne Facial treatment – 60 min $165.00
A gentle facial treatment to help clear blemishes, blackheads and spots, while helping to improve the texture and appearance of the skin. This hydrating treatment also helps to control bacteria and excess oil production, and includes specialised skin care ingredients to prevent excess dryness and irritation. Appropriate for problematic skin types, as well as occasional breakouts in both adults and adolescents.

Baby Boomer Facial Treatment – 60 min $165.00
A luxurious, pampering, therapeutic treatment developed specifically to treat the changing skin needs of women experiencing hormonal fluctuations prior to, during and after menopause. Our unique treatment promotes noticeable firming, a smoother complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines, re-hydrates and cools traumatized skin, while providing it with essential nutrients. The results…radiant skin and a tension-free state of mind.

Advanced Stimulating Facial Treatment – 60 min $165.00
A stimulating and rejuvenating facial treatment that will regenerate and purify devitalized skin. The use of stimulating Massage gel and stimulating masque will help to invigorate, refresh and regenerate the skin. The specialised skin care products used will promote cell turnover and smooth thickened revealing a healthier, even complexion. Completed with an hydrating botanical mask, rich in natural minerals, the skin is soothed and deeply purified. Results are glowing, radiant skin combined with intense relaxation for overall well-being.

Advanced Signature Spa Facial – 75 min $185.00
A pampering hydrating facial tailored to individual skin needs. Stress melts away with a combination of therapeutic massage for intense relaxation and overall well-being.


Delicate skin requires special care!

The delicate skin tissues around the eyes do not produce any oil or other hydrating properties, plus, over time, crows feet leave their mark. To diminish the signs of aging around the eyes, we have skin care treatments that will gently hydrate, soothe and smooth this area.